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10+ Years Manufacturing Thermal Pad Experience
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10 years
Professional experience

30+ patents
Continue to lead the new standards of product quality and service efficiency

240 employees
More than 30 members in R&D, more than 20 engineers for after-sales installation and commissioning

2400 strong
Serving world top 500 corporations with customized solutions


professional of thermal interface material manufacturer & supplier in china

  • Product Performance

    Product Performance

    The company's products have the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, low compression stress, low volatilization, high stability, etc., which can be applied to different application scenarios. Production capacity: insulated thermal gasket 1-15W, non-insulated thermal gasket 10-40W. High reliability heat dissipation grease :1-7W, thermal gel 2-12W, thermal bonding adhesive 1-3W.
  • Advanced Technology

    Advanced Technology

    Using domestic advanced semi-automatic assembly line operation, it has high production efficiency, strong product consistency and stable performance control. Among them, thermal gasket products, full load operation can reach 50,000 square meters/month, and thermal gel products production capacity can reach 20 tons/month.
  • Best Service—whole process consulting service system

    Best Service—whole process consulting service system

    Technology and service as the core, we offer customers professional consulting, technical and after-sales solutions. Automated production sites in Kunshan to shorten logistic distance and lead time. Professional service team 7*24 online, quick response to customers' requirements.
  • Technological Innovation

    Technological Innovation

    We are proud to have a top R&D and sales team. The team grew rapidly in the challenge of international electronics market. The R&D team is formed with around 20 material scientists, thermal management engineers and developing expert. And we work closely with Chinese Academy of Science to develop new products and new technologies. We established R&D center, focused on thermal conductive silica, equipped with advanced experimental facilities.
  • Test Equipment

    Test Equipment

    The company has dozens of test equipment, all of which are well-known brands in the industry to protect product quality. Material testing equipment includes: laser particle size meter, halogen moisture meter, EDX fluorescence spectrometer, cone penetration meter, viscometer and other product performance testing equipment includes: thermal conductivity tester, hardness tester, tension machine, rapid compression testing machine, breakdown voltage tester, dielectric constant tester.
  • Excellent Material

    Excellent Material

    Thermal interface material is a kind of composite material based on silicone rubber and thermal conductive ceramic material. JOJUN thermal conductivity products, there are thermal gaskets, thermal gel, heat grease, phase change materials and thermal bonding fixed adhesive and so on. In order to ensure the stability of product quality, we choose domestic first-line manufacturers or international brands as raw materials, combined with their own special technology, synthetic thermal interface materials with excellent performance.


We have successfully passed the IATF 16949、ISO 9001 and ul ISO14001 audits

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Excellent Supplier Of Thermal Functional Materials In China

JOJUN was founded in 2013 as a domestic and foreign master and doctoral team deeply engaged in the thermal conductivity material industry. The headquarters is located in Kunshan, China, close to the Chinese metropolis, Shanghai, convenient transportation.

· With more than 40 patents, we continue to take the lead in defining product quality and providing a full range of thermal conductivity solutions with advanced patented technologies.

· More than 240 employees, more than 30 R & D personnel, 8 automated high-precision production lines, annual production capacity of more than 600 tons, with efficient production capacity, and to provide our customers with global VIP 24-hour telephone service.

· Long-term customers: ZTE, Lenovo, Samsung, GAC, Nissan, Dongfeng, Hesai, Great Wall, Chery, SAIC, Vision


High-performance thermal interface material specially developed for electronic applications


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  • ISO9001
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